Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Site Every Fashion Blogger Should Be A Part Of

I thought I would share with you the one site that I've found to be super helpful, enjoyable and informational as a fashion/beauty blogger. These site is a great social networking site aswell as a great place to find inspiration and ideas for blog posts or to gain knowledge on different things that will most definitely be beneficial to you and your blog .I hope you find it as helpful and enjoyable as I did. Enjoy!

Independent Fashion Bloggers:
IFB is a site exclusive to fashion bloggers. To become a member of the site you are required to first fill out an application then recieve approval. To receive approval you will need to link your blogin the application. This is just so that they can make sure that all members of their site are actually fashion bloggers. But, you do not have to become a member to enjoy the perks of IFB.

This is an amazing site to help you slowly get your blog to where you want it to be. IFB successfully helps many bloggers improve their sites. One great thing they do is come up with an "IFB Project" every week. What they'll do is have a blog post for you to create and if you decide to take part in the project, you can link your projects blog post on their site and they will have yours listed with a bunch of others. This is a good way to have your blog gain more readers and you can also discover some great new blogs along the way too. It really is a win, win situation. All in all, it is a world of tips and tricks and a way to socialize with other fashion bloggers.

I hope you check it out and if you do, feel free to comment below with your thoughts. I can pretty much guarantee you that you won't regret checking it out.
Alanah Belle

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